Why Are The Kid So Interested In Boo Radley

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To Kill A Mockingbird Questions ZhiQing Li

Chapter 1
Who is narrating the story?
Why are the kid so interested in Boo Radley?
What is Calpurnia to the kids? Do they consider her a part of the family?

Chapter 2
Why was scout looked down upon just because she learned how to read before the other kids?
Was the reason why Ms. Caroline failed to understand scout is because of her lack of experience?
Does scout recognize the failure in the education system?

Chapter 3
Why did Calpurnia slap scout when she’s just saying something that doesn’t look right to her?
Does Atticus also knows about the failure in the education system and that he’s only sending scout to school cause it’s required by law?
When Atticus said “You never really
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Why did Scout almost threw up just because Boo was behind her? Shouldn’t she be thankful that Boo saved her life?
“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy . . . but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” What exactly does this quote mean?

Chapter 12+13
Why did Aunt Alexandra felt that the childrens’ needed a feminine influence
How does Scout’s first glimpse at the black community changes her views on racism?
Did Lee introduced the black community as a friendly group of people during the trial of Tom Robinson so she can change the readers’ view on the blacks?

Chapter 14+15
Has the world of childhood finally coming to an end for the childrens? (Scout relates that, upon seeing Dill under the bed, Jem “rose and broke the remaining code of our childhood” by telling Atticus. To Scout, this act makes Jem a “traitor,” though it is really an act of responsibility that marks Jem’s maturation toward adulthood.)
Does Jem leading Dill and Scout to town at night on the night Atticus faces the lynch mobs symbolically marks Jems transition from a boy to a man?
Why did the the mob left after Scout told Mr. Cunningham to say “hey” to his

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