Essay Chapter Questions On ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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To Kill a Mockingbird
Chapter Questions
a. Maycomb is a small poor town which is racially influenced in southern America
b. Radley is a recluse and because of the stories about Boo Radley
c. The voice and viewpoint is from scouts point of view

a. Scout is looking forward to school because she likes to read and wants to go to school with Jem
b. Jem doesn’t want scout to do anything with him so she doesn’t embarrass him because of what he does in his private life.
c. I believe miss Caroline Fisher was a good teacher she just needed to learn more about the town

a. Calpurnia is the caretaker of the house and children
b. When Atticus says that you never really understand a person “until you climb into his skin and walk around it.” He means you never understand a person unless you look from their perspective
c. We learn that the Ewells are a poor family with a large amount of children which all go to school for only the first day

a. The children think that Boo Radley eats rats, is tall and has rotten teeth
b. The children make a game of Boo Radley’s life because they think he is weird and they are bored
c. Because it was his life and it was strange to see his own life

a. Miss Maudie Atkinson was a typical women who blended into society
b. She tells scout to respect Arthur and he isn’t really like the legends. Compared to scout’s belief it’s different because she believed some of the legend
c. Atticus tells the kids not to play the boo Radley game…

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