Chapter Notes On Covenant And Covenants Essay

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The Bible is a big book with many stories, laws, genealogies, and even dedicates a great amount of space to instructions for construction. Some of the content seems easy enough to understand. Other content seems strange. All of this content comes bound together as one book, but there are two so-called “Testaments” (old and new) as well as sixty-six individual books written over the span of about 1,500 years. Do all of these books fit together somehow? Is this one book or many? Is this book telling one story or many different stories? It can all be quite overwhelming and intimidating to get the big picture.
Trying to arrive at a big picture view of Scripture involves working through many details.
That can be difficult. What I will attempt to do in this study is to help you with the big picture. I want you to see how all the many stories of the Bible make up one story. These stories and this story are all structured by what the Bible calls covenant. A couple of branches in the Christian church lay great emphasis on covenants as that which best ties all of the Scriptures together in one coherent whole. If you have been around Reformed and Presbyterian types for any length of time, the word covenant is bound to have come up. It is the reason for our government, the reason we baptize infants, the reason we drink coffee at church, and the reason for just about everything else in the church. It is the default answer for the unknowable questions…

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