Essay about Chapter 5 Of The Scarlet Letter

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Chapter 5 of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne depicts the main character, Hester, being released from jail after she was punished for adultery. She is allowed to stay in a log cabin on the edge of town next to the forest. However, she becomes quite lonely. She is viewed as the epitome of sin to the townspeople and feels as if she is living in complete isolation. The only way she can support herself and her daughter Pearl is by making high-quality garments, but still the town does not appreciate her fine art. If she is living such a hard life in Boston, the reader is left to ask why she would not want to leave, as there appears to be no good reason to stay. Hawthorne leaves this up for debate. Hawthorne 's purpose in Chapter 5 is to cast Hester as someone who is reluctant to move away from Boston and as a sinner in the eyes of the townspeople.
In Chapter 5, Hawthorne portrays Hester as a sinner in the eyes of the townspeople. They viciously abuse Hester, and her past sins force her into isolation on the far outskirts of town. Hester 's social life is virtually eliminated as a result of her past actions, and the townspeople make sure she feels the full wrath of her punishment. She is even treated so badly that "Ministers stopped in the streets to give speeches" to her. Even the most respected and god-fearing people in the town, the ministers, will not show Hester an ounce of respect. They actually go out of their way to stop Hester and lecture her about her about her…

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