Chapter 5 From Holdstein 's `` Who Says? Essay

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Upon reading chapter 5 from Holdstein’s “Who says? The Writer’s Research” I found myself faced with a number of ideas I had been unfamiliar with. After thoroughly examining this chapter, I realized that previously, I hadn’t properly evaluated resources, which is a mistake I made as someone who gathers research and analyzes various ideas in my writing. Throughout this chapter, I took notice that I, as a writer, have three main responsibilities: conducting a thorough search for sources using the proper key words, carefully and meticulously, yet efficiently analyzing sources, and determining the rationality of a source. While these ideas may present themselves as challenging, as I had been previously unfamiliar with them, if I acquire the proper sources, and with their help, manifest my ideas into my writings, I will be able to quickly and adeptly produce immaculate writing. Chapter five begins with introducing the idea of properly evaluating sources, and presents a warning of coming across false sources if a search is not conducted properly. “The Internet has made it possible for large amounts of often unfiltered information to be shared in effortless fashion…you have to be savvy in the way you search for and decide to use these sources…If, for example, you are using the keywords “fast food” to search for resources, you are as likely to stumble upon a website entitled Bob’s Burger Adventures as you are to find a comprehensive study of fast food nutrition from the United…

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