Chapter 3 Questions Essay

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Chapter 3 Questions
1. How would you respond when someone makes a decision that adversely affects you while saying “it’s nothing personal it’s just business”? Is business impersonal?

If it was in a company situation I would raise with the company management or human resources. If it was outside in society, I would address the management of the company, raise to consumer affairs or use social media to raise awareness.
Business is personal. Businesses goals are not just to generate profits, and to pay attention to society. Business is based on self-interest view on ethics in that it is an interest in all matter that relate to me, my friends, my family and the society in which I live.

2. Is someone who makes ethical
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The business executive could demonstrate virtue by being understanding (adjustment of differences), respectful (giving particular attentions), considerate (by thinking carefully about something before making a decision), cooperation (work together to fix the problem), courage and determination (strength to preserve and withstand difficulty), fairness and ethical (treating people that dot not favour others while being morally right and good), flexibility (willing to try different things), gentleness (showing a kind nature), honesty and integrity (being fair and truthful), patience (ability to wait without being annoyed) and being optimistic (expecting good things to happen).

7. Commuters who have more than one passenger in the car are permitted to drive in a special lane on the highway while all the other motorists have to contend with stop-and-go traffic. What does this have to do with ethics?
Utilitarianism – in this theory, the situation above is correct. As the result of the special lane creates a greater amount in pleasure than pain in ways such as reduced cars and traffic volume, less pollution, and shorter trips.
Deontology – in this theory, the situation above is correct. The motivation of the decision making is on a personal level of this will get me there quicker, and also on a society level that im doing this to reduce pollution, traffic volume, etc.
Justice – in this theory, the situation above is correct. Anyone

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