Chapter 25 : A Fallen Hero Essay

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Chapter 25: The mistreatment of slaves is shown to be demeaning and the reason behind the misbehavior of slaves, but with some genuine affection, the author shows that the slave is transformed forever knowing she is loved by someone. The theme of love, is very prominent, and something that the author truly supports and wants the reader to understand.

Chapter 26: The legacy of a fallen hero is the author’s intention when describing the death of the character known be of top morality and innocence. The death represents the connection her morals have to her belief in Christ and how all slaves should be a Christian to learn the meaning of morality and ultimately feel eternal peace in Heaven.

Chapter 27: The author stresses that death is just another chapter in someone’s life if they are a true christian believer by spreading christian love to everyone, no matter their ethnicity or social class, they will reach heaven. The author also tries to show that slaves are capable of becoming christian and can be moral and loving similar to many white christians.

Chapter 28: This chapter makes the reader feel more sorrow that now two deaths have occurred in quick succession and the consequences that will arise from these deaths. It is the author’s intention to persuade the reader into feeling sympathetic for those affected by the deaths and value the outstanding morals of the fallen “saintlike” characters.

Chapter 29: This chapter is used by the author to bring to the eyes the harsh…

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