Bondage In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is a passionate story dealing with the hardships of life and bondage in the 1800’s. In this story the author is trying to communicate that within a Christian society, there is no room for bondage. The author does this through the exchange of deep conversations between characters about their beliefs and the actions these characters are willing to take to prove their devotion. Through these, the transformation some of the characters make is astounding. In chapter 9, Mrs. Bird and her husband discuss their views on the Fugitive Slave Act, which prohibits aiding runaway slaves. It is discovered that Mr.Bird voted in favor of the barbaric act. Mrs. Bird strongly opposes it and believes it to be “unchristian”. She professes her job as a Christian is to aid the needy (68). In this statement Mrs. Bird says shows how the compassion of Christ heals the wounded, thus creating the assumption that within an uncorrupted Christian society, there can be no bondage. Christians believe that god created all people and love all people equally, in the society of the 1800’s, it was difficult …show more content…
As a matter of fact, when the slaves are being emancipated, they are told when they look at the cabin to think of Tom, and his devout faith, and let themselves be reminded of how truly fortunate they are. More than just signalizing Tom, it stands for hope that God will rid the world of bondage. Throughout the story hope was displayed when people spoke of leaving the physical world and joining God in heaven. Within the soul twisting novel that is Uncle Tom’s Cabin lies an underlying message about the hypocrisy of slave owning christians or christians who do nothing to stop it from progressing. Through the use of unparalleled writing , the author tells a story of slavery which calls Christians to act to do something to stop the spread and continuation of

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