Chapter 15 Outline Essay

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Chapter 15 Outline
The Maritime Revolution to 1550
I. Global Maritime Expansion Before 1450
A. The Pacific Ocean -Historians have debated for years about Polynesian people and their sailing.Despite traveling over the vast Pacific Ocean and not being able to navigateusing the land (because of their distance from it, they could not follow the shoreline) The Polynesians left no written records on how they navigated, andhistorians debate over whether they were actually able to navigate or whetherthey just got lost and found their way through the chain of Hawaiian islands, eventhough some were over 2000 miles away from their home ports. Others say thatpeoples from the Americas settled there instead of the Polynesians, however
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So when the Islamic Moroccangovernment began to show signs of weakness, the Portuguese attacked. Thesecrusades helped to establish the trade of gold from west Africa, and thePortuguese would sail from their home ports directly to the gold mining areas. -During this time, the Portuguese established new forms of navigation and filledin many blank spots on the map largely due to the efforts of Henry the Navigator.While Henry himself actually traveled very little, he founded an establishment thatfocused on collecting maps, geographical information, and navigationtechniques. -The advent of new ships called caravels helped explorers to gather newinformation like this. These ships were small enough to sail up rivers and entershallow areas, but they were strong enough to with stand the strong Atlanticcurrents and weather. They also were moderately fast and were armed withcannons making it a good ship to explore in. -Henry also encouraged the explorers to travel into the South Atlantic, and duringthat time period, ocean routes were discovered. An ocean route is a path alongwhich ships can easily sail due to the current and wind being in their favor. Inorder to finance all of these expeditions, Prince Henry took money from TheOrder of Christ, and that is why the Portuguese sails had crusaders’ crosses onthem. Slave and gold trade also helped to finance these trips. -After the Portuguese had established

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