Chapter 10 Assessment Essays

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Sarah Haynes
Dr. Christerson
Honors Biology 9D
11 April 2015

10.1 Assessment

1a. Identify two reasons why a cell’s growth is limited.

The larger a cell becomes, the more demands the cell places on its DNA. In addition, a large cell is less efficient in moving nutrients and waste material across the membrane.

1b. As a cell’s size increases, what happens to the ration of its surface area to its volume?

As a cells size increases, the volume increases more than the surface area. However, the ratio decreases. Notice that the surface area is increasing as fast as the volume.

1c. Why is a cell’s surface area-to-volume ratio important?

Because this means that there is an adequate exchange of nutrients, wastes, and other materials. So
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What do you predict would happen if the spindle fibers were disrupted during metaphase?

The centromeres would not attach to the spindle fibers and the chromosomes could not be pulled apart during anaphase.

4a. What is cytokinesis and when does it occur?

It is the division of the cytoplasm and it occurs during telophase.

4b. How does cytokinesis differ in animal and plant cells?

In animal cells the cell membrane is drawn inward. In plant cells the cell membrane is not flexible enough to be drawn inward because of the rigid cell wall so instead a structure called a cell plate forms halfway between the divided nuclei, the cell plate gradually develops into cell membranes that separate to from a new cell.

5. Summarize what happens during interphase. Be sure to include all three parts of interphase. Hint: Include all of the main details in your summary.

There are 3 main parts of interphase. During G phase cells grow and make new organelles and proteins. In S phase, the cell duplicates its DNA. During G2 phase, the cell produces the molecules and organelles it needs to divide.

10.3 Assessment

1a. Name the two types of proteins that regulate the cell cycle. How do these proteins work?

Internal Regulatory

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