The Importance Of Diet And Weight

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Diet and weight are the two most talked about epidemics throughout the United States of America. Human beings need food to live, thus nourishment is the main focus of all humans. The world revolves around food. Days are planned around meals, jobs are made because of food, money is made because of food, and lives are lost due to lack of food. As nutrition is the main focus of an individual’s life, so is bodily image. Bodily image is produced due to eating. The lack of food can make a body thin and an abundance of food can make a body plump. In society, women look up to the images seen on a daily basis. These images include what society defined as “sexy”. To gain this same body image that is sought after by many, the idea of dieting comes into …show more content…
Just like learning to drive, when a human brain focuses too long on one constant idea, the body begins to break down and become overwhelmed. When an idea is worked on in spurts throughout the day and a constant normal routine is fashioned, an individual tends to become sane and comfortable and has no problems going about their day. Humans know when they are hungry, know when they need to go to sleep, know when they need to use the bathroom, and over all, know how their personal body works. When a human is hungry, they go to the fridge and get something to eat. It is a common trait for every living creature, as they are taught at a young age how to eat and how to stay healthy. Focusing on a daily activity that should already be set in stone, like diet, for example can produce an overwhelmed and distracted human being. When diet is being changed, certain food may be avoided, or added, and this becomes an abnormal routine, thus a constant nagging extra problem to deal with. Even though a change in diet may be good, a large drastic change can become overpowering and physically hard for the dieter at hand. Many dieters learn that making a radical change to their diet can become too tremendous, as the short time spent on changing it is just too much to handle. Dieters soon learn that it is too hard to keep up with the hectic schedule, and they need to quit in order to focus on other things. These “other things” may include, saving money, managing stress, or just to save time, and in total these are all excuses to not have to face the bigger task at hand, the diet. Quitting a diet in turn reverts the dieter back to the old ways of eating, not paying attention to what is going in their body and they gain all their lost weight back, if not more. Dieting is not a lifestyle, eating is a lifestyle. In order to safely lose weight and be healthy, a lifestyle change needs to be prepared and correctly

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