Different Types Of Eating Disorders

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Even though America prizes thinness, America has become one of the biggest country ever recorded. I think everyone worry about their, but are lazy to do something about it or is hard for them. If a person has an eating disorder harm themselves by eating too much and get fat and could die from it. Eating disorder is defined by obsessive concerns with weight and disruptive eating patterns that negatively impact physical and mental health. In this essay you will learn how psychotherapy helps people repair from the three major types of eating disorder.
The first major type of eating disorder is anorexia nervosa which makes a person think they are fat but the person is really skinny. This person would not eat, exercising a lot, does not eat in
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A lot of People with eating disorder have small amount of confidence, weakness, and fell ashamed on how they look. Precise traits are associated to each of the disorders. People with a disorder who do not accept anything less than perfection have anorexia, and people who do thing without thinking it through have bulimia. Physical circumstances like genetics may be the reason that puts people at harm. A huge amount of situations can accelerate eating disorders to people who are vulnerable. Like when friends and family make fun of the person’s weight, or the person plays sports and they have to look fit. Other horrible things that happen to a person such as rape, negative emotions, death of a loved one, or abuse can be a big boost to disorders. The worst part is that even in a happy event like giving birth, brings stress because of the appearance of the person can lead to disorders. When a women is pregnant she loses her figure she had and that can be very dreadful for her. When people begin eating strangely horrible, the situation can get out of hand very fast. What can start a dangerous cycle in motion is bingeing, for example when people want to lose a large amount of calories and emotional pain, then to get away from all the problems that every day brings to them so the person binges

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