Changing The Legal Drinking Age Essay

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The purpose of this briefing note is to discuss issues created from the debate on whether to change the legal drinking age from 18 to 21, while making suitable recommendations as requested from the Premier. As the legal drinking age is 18 in all of the states and territories in Australia, it has created a negative drinking culture that has communities concerned. The negative culture surrounding drinking has caused movements to form, with the primary goal to change how Australian’s drink and to decrease the level of anti-social behaviour. The stakeholders of the issue: young adults, venue owners and security, police and health professions, have mixed opinions on changing the drinking age, with the most favourable option to increase the drinking age.


Due to the implementation of new approaches to combat domestic violence in Queensland, alcohol-fuelled violence has become a major focus. As alcohol and violence is a classic combination in the streets of Queensland, consideration on changing the legal age to 21 is important. Changing the legal age is one step forward to changing the negative drinking culture in Australia. The drinking culture influences the behaviour of all, with getting ‘smashed’ a primary aim for young individuals when they drink. Young individuals are more common to display symptoms of anti-social behaviour, which can result in harmful consequences. If left unaddressed, the drinking culture can create more problems, such as increasing the rate of…

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