Changing The Direction Of The Learning Environment Essay

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Every child deserves the best education and opportunities available in today’s society. Educating the youth in this world should become a top priority in all families, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. The never-ending advancements in technology allow everyone the ability to streamline his or her lives and have access to information readily available. Therefore, changing the direction of the learning environment. With a little creativity and drive, today’s children have an endless amount of resources at their disposal. Impacts and influences on the learning environment, such as parent involvement, student accountability, race, and technology, all enhance and support education. Parental involvement is crucial in developing a child’s drive to learn. Many households are overwhelmed with struggling to survive in a tax-riddled economy, forcing both parents to work outside of the home to make ends meet. This can lead to uninvolved parent interaction when it comes to the child’s learning process. However, parental involvement with their children’s education is very important. Children need a strong support system at a young age to keep them on track and engaged in their learning. Without any structure in the home, many children are left to fend for themselves and lack any accountability for their actions. The influences that parents exude on their children can go a long way to a better education.
For example, it is a known fact; children who come from these…

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