Changing Landscape of Health Care Essay

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Changing Landscape of Health Care
Health Care Consumer Trends and Marketing HCS/490
June 16, 2014
Eboni Green

Changing Landscape of Health Care The face of health care is ever changing, and constantly improving the way the consumer receives their treatments. New technology has made these changes possible and has provided health care facilities all over the world with equipment that can change the lives of the consumer for the better. The way that health care staff members handle these new changes can be somewhat of a challenge, but through proper training, education, and information, these health care providers can make the transition smoother. The shifts that are taking place in health care today are that from a
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Technology is not perfect and is only as good as the team who produced it. Information still has to be entered correctly and human error is still an issue. Updates and system fixes will happen often to adjust to the needs of the facility; which means more training for anything new added to the current system in place. Organization and communication is the key for successful changes to be made within the company to provide the best health care for patients. Teams are made and broken up into sections to handle the changes so that everyone is properly trained and informed. Management is responsible for the implementation of change as well. They are there to guide, support and answer any questions that health care staff have regarding the changes. In conclusion, there are many positive changes going on now and yet to come. I think the biggest factor of these changes are due to new technology that allow for faster, safer and more consumer friendly services. The main thing is that the consumer is more involved in their health care and the way they receive treatments. These new changes not only benefit the consumer but the providers as well. The handling of these changes by health care facilities are slow but will improve over time. The ultimate goal of the health care industry is for better quality care for all patients.

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