Essay about Changing Behavior Case Study Analysis

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Changing Behavior:
Insights and Applications

Annette Frahm, project manager
Dave Galvin
Gail Gensler
Gail Savina
Anne Moser

December 1995
Revised June 2001

Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County
King County Water Pollution Control Division
130 Nickerson St., Suite 100
Seattle, Washington 98109
(206) 263-3050;



Have you ever tried to get a smoker to stop? A kid to start wearing a bike helmet? An aerosol user to switch? Changing behavior is both art and science, and much can be learned from others’ attempts to change behavior that can make our work more effective.

A project team at the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County,
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Spending time up front clarifying and narrowing the objective is not always easy, but it should pay off later in more effective outreach strategies.

Next, brainstorm who—what audience or group—is important to achieving the desired result. Then get to know that audience: What do they need and want? What do they know? Who do they respect and interact with? What change is needed from the audience to achieve the desired result? Most important, what are their barriers to making the change? Use what you’ve learned to refine your original objective.
It is only at this point, when you’ve identified key barriers to change and refined your objective, that you should develop strategies to reach the audience. The key principles discussed in this paper—such as using commitment, role models, change agents, credibility, and presenting information effectively—can be used in developing strategies. Last but not least, develop a method to find out how the strategy worked.

To help our staff work through the steps described above and apply the behavior change principles, we developed a checklist of action steps (see page 3). Along with the principles, it has proved to be a practical tool. At the first workshop, one staff member used the checklist and principles in brainstorming how to get a reluctant small business to deal with accumulated hazardous waste. That same afternoon he visited the business and tried out his

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