Changes Within Consumer Culture Over The Centuries Essay

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Changes within Consumer Culture over the Centuries It is undeniable that changes have occurred in a variety of realms within the civilized world. After all, it is a point of pride to continue to evolve and refine processes past their predecessors. With this in mind, it is not surprising that the realm of consumer culture has also been defined by rapid changes based on the consumer and the sellers alike. In fact, some would say that this change was so defined that it can be thought of as happening in overlapping waves. The first wave being described as a tendency to see the consumer market as a mass, which lead to targeting the audiences as if they, the white/middle class Americans, were one in their desires and needs. From this point, a second wave emerged, one that began to categorize the consumer market into niches/demographic groups in order to more carefully address needs and wants. Finally, the third, and arguably current wave, of consumer culture is what we can refer to as individual marketing, leaning on the idea of commodity activism. While these categories are easy to name, the process of the growth that occurred between each is less straight forward and worthy of review. We can turn first to Cohen and Banet-Weiser to explain the shift to niche markets, which then serves as the basis of comparison to discuss the current consumer market. As was previously stated, it is necessary to first begin exploring the idea of niche markets and the reasoning behind this…

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