Changes Of Federalism Throughout American History Essay

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1. Chart the changes in federalism throughout American history. What was dual federalism? How was governmental power distributed under this system? How did the Great Depression lead to the decline in dual federalism?

The United States was the first nation to apply a federalist system of government. This system, in which two layers of government, state and national government, work together, was created so the states could maintain their autonomy while being part of the larger unity. Throughout its history, the United States has changed their perception of how federalism should be implemented; essentially meaning: how much power should the federal government hold. Therefore, various waves of federalism have appeared in the country.

• Dual Federalism, also known as traditional federalism, was applied during the first years of the country, and was the system thought by the framers to control federal government. This concept of federalism favored states’ rights and individuality, and it largely separated the fundamental powers between the states and the national government. The powers granted to the national government were little and specific: assist in internal improvements, subsidize shippers or shipbuilders, protect infant industries, and facilitate enterprises. In short, the national government´s role consisted in assisting commerce, foreign politics and national defense, while the states took charge of economic regulations, criminal laws, private property, education,…

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