Changes And Change Of An Organization Essay

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Changes are inevitable; but not all changes are constructive. Individuals do love to have a better paying job and reasonably better standards of living, but incorporating a lot of changes to achieve this does not happen often (Dachis, 2013).

Some can easily switch, make and accept changes, but others cannot; hence the frequency at which organisations make changes is considerably low (Sun, 2007). Individuals or employees in an organisational scenario are the ones who make and break an organisation. Having invested their efforts and time working for an organisation with an advanced skill set for years brings them to the loyal employee status. In their personal lives, individuals can accommodate a change as they regulate it and can either modify it or maybe tweak it to suit their requisite needs; but when it comes to their input in organisational changes, they would think thoroughly before giving out any decision as one wrong call might lead to a major gap in their professional life or even maybe force them to change professions. Saying that, not all employees are ready to accept / allow organisational change for a number of reasons (Nanda, 2014).

Firstly, the change may make them vulnerable to get replaced with someone who is highly skilled with the change being implemented. Also, there are possibilities that they know some loopholes in the current system that helps them do their work in time, increase their efficiency and get recognition (Strebel, 1996). Secondly, if it is…

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