Change In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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Benjamin Disraeli once said “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” The quote expresses that change is inevitable in life. Many people embrace the difference in change while others choose to dismiss it. Kafka's text “The Metamorphosis” change is depicted in a negative way, since Gregor's change he is not physically capable to help his family to satisfy their debt leaving them to find jobs. In Kupers graphic novel interpretation of “Metamorphosis” on page 123 as well as 125 will show us Gregor's struggle with change and its portrayal in a negative way. In the the documentary “Rivers and Tides” by Thomas Riedelsheimer shows us his artwork and sculptures and the way that change negatively affects them.
In Kafka's short story “The Metamorphosis”, the main character Gregor Samsa a traveling salesman. Who wakes up in his bed to find himself transformed into a large insect. Gregor being a large insect brings
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By comparison, the written work to the graphic novel, there is a big difference in the way he draws the pictures to represent Kafka’s words. In both depictions, the story is shown in a negative way. The reader can see that Gregor is worried at the fact that he can't stand up due to his switch in form and appearance (Kuper 123). The depiction of the picture shows Gregor covered in sweat as well with an opened mouth and bulging eyes which give us a scared confused and panicked look all at the same time. The reader can also see how change is negative. In the two panels. We see the worry and scared looks on Gregor’s parents. On the bottom panel we see their reactions. The mom is fainting and the dad is just looking at him in shock. We can see all three individuals not relaxing and their reaction towards Gregor’s change in a negative way.(Kuper 125). By these two examples we can conclude that Kupers graphic novel see’s change in a negative

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