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analysis of Chameleon by Ranbir Sahota
1. Introduction
Vi lægger ud med at præsentere temaet kærlighed og ægteskab – også forskellige religioner imellem – og relaterer det til Rita i Chameleon – reference til novellens titel – muligvis starte med beskrivelse af kamæleoners egenskaber

2. The main part

* Præsentation af situationen samt personkarakteristikker

Fortælleren - her fortæller vi om Rita og hendes baggrund, og de øvrige personer (med særligt fokus på Ritas forhold til de forskellige)

* Miljø:
Herunder forklarer vi hendes og hendes forældres forhold til den engelske kultur – miljøet i novellen. 3. Conclusion

* Tema og budskab
Ritas dilemma – gamle traditioner eller integration
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But Rita still couldn’t understand her father fully as she wondered why he moved to England like his friends did, ‘cause he didn’t seem happy with his life. She can’t imagine her father – or anyone – being satisfied with his life in England: “There he was – a sitting duck. Someone for me to get pissed off at. ‘Dad?’ ‘Yes, behta.’ I had his attention. ‘Why didn’t you just bloody stay in India?’ – he raised an eyebrow. ‘How many times have I told you not to swear, behta?’ I sensed his exasperation. Swearing was so unladylike. His mother would have taken a broom to me if she’d heard me. Bit she was long dead and we weren’t in India.” (l. 26 s. 95) Rita believes that her dad would have been far happier in India. She takes her anger out on her father when Mark’s mother turned her down. At times in the short story she wishes that her father had stayed in India because then her life would have been simpler: “If we were in India, I’d be married with children, but instead I’m here and I want more” (l. 21 s. 96) By coming to England her parents had given Rita choices and it is these choices that Rita struggles with upon being rejected by Mark’s mother and how Mark “had denied me to his mother”. Rita therefore accepts that her parents present her to Indian men because she feels she “needed to see if there was a better way” (l. 22 s. 103). Even though her first thought after meeting Sanjay, who was nice and all, was that “he wasn’t Mark” (l. 27 s.

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