Discrimination In David Margolick's Book 'Elizabeth And Hazel'

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While discrimination has improved from the past, we still see it indirectly in certain contexts. In David Margolick’s book, Elizabeth and Hazel, it says “Probably every newspaper in the country has published a picture of the fifteen-year-old Negro girl walking to and from school with a crowd of white students behind her, sneering, snarling, and probably even cursing” (102). In this excerpt, it’s clear to see that how white students used to discriminate and criticize Elizabeth straight away because of her skin color. This event took place around 60 years ago, but we made some progress over the course of many years to develop better race relations in the education field. But there are some challenges that we still face while we try to improve …show more content…
In such schools the state hires the teachers who are not at the same level as the teachers from private schools because low-income schools get a minimal amount of money. The minority students have to share the textbooks and can’t finish the homework on time. When these students have to take a standardized test like the SAT, they face problems to get ready for the test because their school library doesn’t provide SAT books for everyone. Whoever students come first, get all the books that the library has and rest of the students suffer from that. On the other hand, schools in higher middle-class cities provide every materials for their students. They even have availability of computers, enough tools for science, while lower income schools are lacking these resources to give their students. These economic disadvantages have an impact on the students’ result. Research shows, “The District of Columbia in 2014 received an “F” grade in academic achievement for low-income and minority students attending its public schools” (CNSNews.com) it shows the direct effect on the lower-income and minority students’ academic results. Although they may be smart as others, they learn less because they don’t get enough benefits. These differences in economic condition build a gap in race relations and this is one of the elements for discrimination in the school. This gap is important to recognize because to build up a perfect nation, a nation must have full of literate people in it. To overcome this problem every students must get benefits

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