Challenges Of Managing Millenniums Within Law Enforcement Essay

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The challenges of managing millenniums within law enforcement
Research shows that there are distinct challenges in administering millenniums. They are sometimes referred to as Generation Y. They are individuals of the age from 18 to 32 and born between 1980’s to the early 1990’s. They were coined the “Y” after generation X. (Erickson, 2008) The complaints from the law enforcers attribute to lack of loyalty, inadequate skills for communication and misplaced sense of privilege (Scaramella et al., 2011). In the current workforce, the individuals enforcing law are to determine whether the claimed assumptions are true or not. Also, it is their duty to ascertain whether there should be a different managing style to the three different generations of employees (Taylor & P, 2014). The three generations include: baby boomers (49-67), generation X (33-48) and the millennial. For law, it is unusual for the values and beliefs of a certain generation to be incompatible with the other generations, but this is the case in millennials. The individuals managing the law often have a rough time in dealing with this generation. Furi et al., 2012).
Managing millennial is a bit challenging since they do not have a sense of loyalty for the society they are in, according to Greenberg et al. They do look for those employers who can offer various things to build flexibility in their workplace (2008). Flexibility in workplace is more meaningful for them. Primarily, dealing with…

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