Challenges For The Pharmaceutical Industry Essay

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In conjunction with the general public ambivalence towards superbugs, pharmaceutical companies are contributing to the threat of superbugs. The pharmaceutical industry’s actions have led to new antibiotics being created at a slowing rate, which could mean trouble for those who become infected with superbugs. In the article “Meeting the Societal Need for New Antibiotics: the Challenges for the Pharmaceutical Industry“ Seamus O’Brien (2015), an employee of AstraZeneca, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations, stated “There are significant challenges for the pharmaceutical industry to discover and develop new antibiotics including a business model that balances reasonable reimbursement with appropriate use” showing some of the actual issues with the development of new antibiotics with insider knowledge. If new antibiotics are abandoned by pharmaceutical companies, due to the moral issues of promoting healthy use and the search of profit, then people will have trouble combating superbugs. The business mindset has created an environment where creating a new antibiotic would mean the pharmaceutical company attached would have to monopolize it practically to even break even, let alone make profit. Antibiotics are in need of new methods for synthesis, as old methods are reaching their maximum potential. Breakthroughs are actively being searched for, as indicated in the Associated Press (2009) segment “Two Americans and an Israeli Won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry…

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