Challenges Facing Urban School Districts Essay example

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Challenges in Urban School Districts Brings about Difficulties for Students Attending Higher Level Education

Although public education is free in America, students educated in the suburbs are taught differently than students in the inner cities. This leaves the suburbanites decently prepared for a college education for the reason that they have been taught by better qualified teachers who set higher education standards. Are there plans to solve this problem in our future?
When I was young, reading was something that I only did in school. I never had anyone to read me a bedtime story like I had seen parents do for their children on television. I remember when there were specific books that educators in my school district used to enhance the reading abilities of students. They were Houghton Mifflin leveled readers, which had daily lesson plans, built in assessments and were designed to reinforce key vocabulary. Once I completed reading an entire reading textbook, passed all of the quizzes and completed all of the assignments I was promoted to the next level textbook. I learned to read from these leveled readers from grades K-6.
While I was very proud of my reading abilities during school and often bragged about how I was on a higher level than a lot of of my peers, I found out later in life that I really wasn’t as versed at speaking proper English as I assumed I was. During my elementary school years, I always acquired A’s on spelling and vocabulary test. However, my…

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