Challenges Faced By The Aboriginal Community Essay

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Although through thee span of years Australia has taken measures to address the issues faced by the Aboriginal Community, The year 2016 Federal election campaign has been able to address the issues until certain extent. The essay critically looks at the history and the present issues faced by the Indigenous Australian Community and how has 2016 Federal election campaign has been able to address the issues of the present.
In the year 1770 Lieutenant James Cook first arrived to Australia at the shores of the Botany Bay and proclaimed the area New South Wales or in other words the Eastern shores of Australia part of the British Colony. Upon his arrival Lieutenant Cook was greeted by Indigenous Australia which in Captain Cook’s word were primitive in nature. Upon return from the voyage Lieutenant Cook proposed to develop the new colony as a penal settlement. 18 years later in the year 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip accompanied by 1500 prisoners, military personnels and their family arrived at Sydney cove.
Various historians described the period pf penal settlement as the golden period of Australia however, various other describe the same period to be the period of brutality, murder and the toughest period for Australian Indigenous individuals. Before the arrival of British settlers the population of Indigenous individuals was 314000. Due to reason’s such as introduction of new diseases, acquisition of lands by the new settlers and violent conflict between the Australian…

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