Challenges Faced By College Students Essay examples

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For one thing, college students all across America skirmish on a financial level. First of all most young adults in college do not have enough financial experience to handle a financial environment. Secondly, young adults who are just entering college usually do not have enough financial literacy to partake in constructing financial decisions. Thirdly, and most importantly most college students end college with a colossal detrimental financial debt. Notably, college students are faced with financial responsibility, and they are struggling because they are not experienced in today’s financial environment, they are not educated enough to make independent decisions, and they do not know how to budget living to avoid financial debt.
In all honesty, college students are not experienced in dealing with today’s financial environment. With regards to, “Financial Identity- Processing Styles Among Young Adults” this article states that remarkable life changes arise during the late teens and early 20’s, in which young adults leave home prematurely to enter college (Shim et al). In other words, young college adults have a premature outlook of the world, and they are not ready to handle financial situations on their own. That is, young college students must be careful with how they partake in certain financial situations with little experience because people may try to trick young college attendees into thinking they are making a great financial choice. But, in reality it could be the…

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