Essay on Challenges Faced By Children And Women

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Over the past couple of weeks, we looked at many different articles and studied about many difficulties faced in developing countries as a whole. But in most studies of political and economic growth of developing countries the challenges faced by children and woman are not properly addressed and often deemed unnecessary aspects of research. Much evidence of gender inequality exists in society, some of the worst cases are found in developing nations. Some might wonder what these challenges are and what actions are being taken by governments and foreign aid organizations to address these matters. The difference in gender roles between men and woman have obvious economics effects and changes need to be made in order to make sure that all the human capital that is available is being utilized to its maximum. Some of the main factor that will be addressed will be areas such as education, healthcare and employment, all primarily focused in India.
First we will begin exploring this topic by looking at the educational aspects of developing countries. We previously learned that education and schools are crucial aspects to economic growth and allow people to gain many skills needed in order facilitate growth within areas. But, in many cases woman and children are not given the opportunity to enhance their abilities for the improvement of their futures. This was either because of a lack to family resources (capital) to fund the schooling for their kids or reasons such as…

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