Challenges And Ethics Of Environmental Advocacy Essays

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Advocacy is a term that describes working to influence public policy in social, economic, political, and cultural spheres in order to bring about justice and positive societal change in human rights and environmental issues (Environmental Paradigms, 2016). At present, the human race is facing many challenging truths around global legacy. Whether the current generation chooses to live sustainably by conserving resources and nurturing Earth’s biodiversity and protecting the air and water will define the way of living for future generations. This will come down to advocacy by a range of groups driven by community Leaders, change agents, individual citizens and institutions, who all play significant roles in driving varying scales of environmental change under the umbrella of positive broader societal change. In light of the above, this essay is going to assess the roles, challenges and ethics of environmental advocacy, as a way of determining the most important aspects to be considered in approaches driving positive social change. This will be done by first providing an insight into the roles of advocacy in the environmental sphere, secondly by assessing the various challenges and barriers effecting environmental advocacy, and lastly by discussing the different ethical perspectives that must be considered when advocating for environmental outcomes.
Roles of Advocacy
Environmentalists engage in a wide range of advocacy and all differ in their goals, the…

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