Chains, By Robert Gildea Essay

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During World War II, France had given in an signed an armistice of peace. France was easily invaded because things were all over the place. France was not a united nation, they had a disorganized army, no formal government, and a wrong assumed attack plan. Ultimately, there was a feeling of French weakness but with a good reason. France wanted to save anything they could to preserve their culture and politics. Marianne in Chains, written by Robert Gildea explores the daily lives of the French under German Occupation in World War II, allowing the reader to better understand the experiences of the French. In his book, Gildea argues that the French still lived a complex life under the German Occupation. Gildea conveys, “What is most striking about the French under the Occupation is not how heroic or villainous they were but how imaginative, creative, and resourceful they were in a pursuit of a better life.” Their lives consisted more than just deciding to resist or collaborate with the Germans.There was more than just the “good, bad, and poor French” during the Occupation. Most historians tend believe that Occupation was characterized by cold, hunger, the absence of freedom, and fear. But Gildea explains that the French still maintained to enjoy themselves and survive the Occupation.
As much as I wanted to believe that there were a lot of resisters under German Occupation, they were actually the minority in France. Gildea discusses that the individuals that resisted were not…

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