Chain of Command Essay

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With out the chain of command there would be no real order in how we as a whole work. The purpose of the chain of command is to tell people what they can and cannot do. So why we as a grown adults follow the chain of command, it is simple we choose to because of the fact that we raised are right hand and said yes I will. No matter how much we disagree with someone or something we should do it and then ask questions later that is the purpose of the chain without it what would we be. Consequences for disobeying the chain of command inside of the US Army are endless from as small as corrective training, verbal counseling, to being negatively counseled or given an Article 15.
No matter what the circumstance's may be you should not go to
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Other reasons the chain of command is important is that for instance there is an accident, health issue or personal problem. Someone needs to know what is wrong and where you’re at. Accountability is very important, not just to make sure you’re not Unaccounted for, to ensure that you are alive and well. You should follow your chain of command for the simple fact that alot of the problems or consequences of an incident could be lessened or the incident could not have any at all. Notifying your chain of command is not always beneficial meaning you get in trouble but they can start to figure out how to fix the problem. It is certainly more beneficial to you then trying to go around or above them and they find out that you tried to do this you be in alot more trouble than you probably would have been in the first place, again facing either corrective training, verbal counseling, negative counseling or Article 15.
That was the way the chain of command is supposed to work even though we all in the military service know that fifty percent of the time it does not go that way because of the new regulations and all of this open door policy stuff yes that is a good way of alerting your chain of command of things you feel are wrong with the section of the chain that is directly above you. Yes, it is a good way to use the chain of command but always alert your immediate chain of command that

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