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Cerner Corporation Analysis
This case analysis is based on the events that occurred on March 13, 2001 and the days that followed at Cerner Corporation. On that day the Chief Executive Officer of Cerner Corporation, Neal Patterson, sent a memo to the company’s managers via e-mail. In the message he advised the managers of his disgust with their disregard of punctuality and work ethic which he felt was as a result of the managers’ lack of leadership skills. The e-mail message was later obtainable for viewing on the Yahoo website to the public, including existing and potential investors and stock market analysts. Cerner Corporation felt the short-term effects in the stock market and public opinion after the message was
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Lastly, Mr. Patterson needs to decide whether or not to employ the services of consultants in an effort to develop an effective communication strategy as well as develop programmes to motivate and improve morale of staff.

Causes of the Problem The problem appears to stem from the fact that the managers at Cerner Corporation were not being effective in their assigned duties resulting in staff arriving at work late and leaving early and not putting in enough hours on weekends. As a result, the Chief Effective Officer responded by circulating an email to all 400 managers which in turn has caused a stir. The problems at Cerner Corporation stem from poor or non-existent communication. Possible reasons for the ineffective management include poor leadership and communication from managers and also employees on a whole not understanding the goals of the organization. There may also be an inadequacy of management capability from the Chief Executive Officer and senior management staff. Neal Patterson’s management technique fits the Authoritarian management style. According to the Management Style website, the theory is defined as “style that is likely to be evidenced by a rigid rules system and an expectation of obedience to authority.” The website further states that “the authoritarian management style model is

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