Centralia No. 5 Essay

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The Blast in Centralia No. 5 by John Bartlow Martin highlights multiple failures in public administration. In this case study Bartlow reviewed how government operated during the 1940’s. In this paper I will touch on a few issues or concerns that were widespread during the 1940’s. I will explain alternative methods that could have been implemented to create change in a period when corruption and lack of oversight was widespread.
Logistical Alternatives
Four Logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed are corruption, communication, time and responsibility.
Inspector Scanlan worked during a period where corruption was seen as the norm. The people in position of leadership in government were easily bought by business trying to
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There so many different agencies and organizations that was responsible for the oversight of the mine. Each agency ultimately did not operate in their authority to oversee the mine. No agency took responsibility for their lack of oversight once the disaster occurred.
Scanlan’s Motivation
Inspector Driscoll Scanlan was a man of high integrity. Inspector Scanlan operated and conducted his work with policy and rules of his job. Inspector Scanlan did his job accordingly. Inspector Scanlan did not let outside interest influence how he worked. Inspector Scanlan could have easily taken bribes by the mine owners in order for him to write false inspections. Inspector Scanlan instead wrote up his findings exactly how he seen them. An example would be when Scanlan wrote up his findings in his car when he was done with a mine inspection. Scanlan actions indicated he was more obligated to the people. Inspector Scanlan would interact with the mine workers and listen to their stories and complaints. Inspector Scanlan was not the type of person that tried to appeal to those in a higher position than him.
Paths of Actions
Two possible paths of action Scanlan could have taken are going to the media regarding the situation and organizing a strike on the mine.
Scanlan tried time after time to notify his superiors of the conditions of the

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