Censorship And Its Effect On The Creativity And Enjoyment Of What We Indulge Ourselves

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How does censorship in media undermine the creativity and enjoyment of what we indulge ourselves in? The existence of censorship itself can take many forms in media. Sometimes it can exist for reasonable reasons to the most absurd. This filter has existed as long as public demonstration has existed; there was always information that has not has not been shown or spreadto the public. Now in modern times, it has been used and implemented in across several formats in media and entertainment. Is it the opinions of people or someone in a higher power for something to be a product of censorship? Berserk had its debut in 1988 with its prototype and 1989 as a full-fledged story. This is a manga written and drawn by Kentaro Miura who has been in the industry of making Japanese manga since the age of 10. People have looked upon the series for its originality and storytelling. Kentaro’s manga is an immediate example of how a popular manga can be a living example of a lack of censorship can make a quality product.
Kentaro’s creation has contributed to pushing against the restrictions censorship had enforced in the manga during the 1980’s. Not in a sense where there is mindless violence and mature themes, but for the sake of telling a better story and how it can be depicted. From advancing in such a boundary this can inspire other artists, and writers to do the same. This does not only apply to creating comic books, movies, and other genres of entertainment. The same can go for…

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