Cell Phones Have A Huge Impact On The World Essay

801 Words Nov 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Kids with Phones On April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper made the first mobile telephone. As cell phones grew over time, they have gotten smaller and have more uses than just calling. Cell phones have made a huge impact in the world. With texting, calling, playing games, and using the internet in just one hand, the cell phone has become the most used device in the nation.While back in the day, phones weren’t very useful as people wrote letters and went to the library to look up research. Also, adults were the only people who used these mobile devices with work mainly. Kids played outside together without any concern of cell phones. Today is the exact opposite. Cell phones become a big issue for kids, especially while they are in their tween years. The kids of the 90’s and kids of the twenty-first century are dramatically different. Today, kids are not playing outside anymore. They are more focused on their phones than spending time with friends and family. In additions, cell phones may have changed manners in kids. While parents are asking their children to do something, the children may get mad or have an attitude because they do not want to be interfered while playing with their phone. Parents just cannot do anything to get their kids off their phones. There are a few solutions to help the youth stay away from their prized possession. Parents should be more strict with the usage of phones in their homes. Instead of playing on phones all the time, kids should be more involved in…

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