Celebrating The Joining Of Edward Alexander Jarman And Ann Eliza Brown

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Celebrating the joining of Edward Alexander Jarman and Ann Eliza Brown.

The bride and groom came from different backgrounds, but still found a way to be together, happy and in love for 66 years. I would first like to tell you about my great grandparents, to give a sense of where my grandparents came from. My family does not remember much, but what is known for certain, this all takes place in Jamaica in the parish of Clarendon.

My grandmother’s father was Joseph and he descended from a Maroon tribe. My mother remembers him as being very tall and very dark with petite facial features, which was a distinction unique to his tribe. The Maroons were African descendants who fought and escaped slavery. After their escape, they established free communities in the interior mountains of Jamaica to evade plantation owners. However, neither Joseph nor his parents were ever slaves since slavery had been abolished in 1834 by the British Empire.

My grandmother’s mother was Mary, her father was a white Englishman working for a plantation in Jamaica. During his time on the island, he met a black woman and they had a daughter, which they named Mary. However, the Englishman would return to England, leaving them behind. Mary never met her father in person, but she was told who he was and would receive a Christmas card from him every year. She distinctly remembered the bells featured on each and every card, as they were the highlight of her Christmas. The cards came every year until the…

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