Cdr for Australia Essay

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Competency Demonstration Report Competency Demonstration Report

Career Episodes

Writing A Career Episode
In this kit, objective is to facilitate our clients in writing CDR based on their experience. Firstly, have a look on some General Rules of writing CDR Project: Use ‘I’, instead of we/us/our team/group Avoid writing descriptive sentences like “X was done”. Rather you should write “I did X” and then describe in detail how you did ‘X’ Avoid writing theoretical knowledge like description of any process from books, technical specifications of equipment copied from manuals etc You are required to write three career episodes After knowing the basic skills and tactics, lets move on to the Basic Information required for any project.
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If you are involved in design work, give maximum details of the design, first tell in detail what this design was all about, how you prepare this design, what was the design criteria, any drawings or drafts that you made for this, any software that you used in making designs, include any alternative designs that you produced, mention if you presented your design for approval, was this design implemented or you have to make certain changes in your design before finalizing it, include the material that you require for your design. If some commissioning or implementation phase in involved in the project, you are required to explain your role in that phase, what were the tasks that you performed. how you started the project any general or specific problems that you faced and how you solve those problems Mention the problem that you faced, give detail of how you identified that problem, any possible solutions that you proposed for the problem, how you reached to the ultimate solution, any advantages or merits that you considered, how you implemented your solution. details from where you get help in obtaining your goals i.e. seniors, professionals in the field, websites, magazines, journals, international societies the tasks delegated to you and how you

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