Ccot Essay

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From the 1800’s to present day, the Middle East has undergone many changes and continuities causing formation of their national identity, main factors that contributed were social aspects on society, government structure, and the strong religious roots they possess. The majority of changes occurred through the society aspects with the treatment of women and the discovery of oil. In Middle Eastern history women have had limited rights and have always been unequal to men. Women have always remained very conservative; being sheltered from other men not being able to go in public being covered from head to toe. The discovery of oil has also created many opportunities for the Middle East giving them a national identity and increasing economy. …show more content…
Women were treated unequal to men, even though the Koran instructs men to treat women with respect. Males remain dominant in the muslim society, while women were hidden. They not allowed to be seen by other males outside their family and were to be cloistered in their homes. When appearing in public all parts of their body were to be covered. This custom has continued on in muslim society today; The treatment of women did improve over time but traditions towards women still remain the same. The discovery of oil was a huge plus for the Middle East. The discovery helped them form a national identity since many outside countries are in demand for oil. The oil discovery helped increase economy and provided jobs for many people who lived in the Middle Eastern countries. Many social aspects of the Middle East have changed and improved over time, however other aspects and traditions have continued to remain the same in these modern times. Though the middle east had undergone many social changes over time, their religious roots stayed strong since the birth of muslim faith, Muhammad, in the mmid 7th century. Since 1800 CE to present time, people of the Middle East have remained extremely faithful. Islam is treated not as a private and individual matter, but incorporated in every day life. One big factor as to why Islam still thrives today and remains the dominant religion in the Middle East is because Islamics are greatly encouraged to make an effort to

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