Cause Of Ww2

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World War I and II were the most catastrophic and impacting wars ever. The early 1900s were a tumultuous time in the world. It was a time when many different nations began to fight and compete for different countries and territories before World War I. Many nations grew along with their military and power, while other nation began to decrease in size and power. There were two major events in the twentieth century, World War I and World War II, both caused by unique events that greatly affected the rest of the globe, and left unresolved issues after the fact. World War I was directly caused by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, and his wife, by a Serbian in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914. It was partly caused by alliances. There were three …show more content…
A few weeks later Russia, a former ally of Germany, also invaded Poland splitting it into two different parts. World War II was caused by some similar ideas as World War I such as militarism. It was also caused by the rise of dictatorship along with the unresolved issues leftover from World War I. A major part of militarism in World War II was the Spanish Civil War. During this war Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union tested out new weapons and strategies that they later used in upcoming wars (McDonald, 3). During the time that these nations were building their military, England, France, and Spain were not. They did not look at Germany as a threat, so while Germany was building their armies they sat idle, and did not keep pace. The causes of World War II can be traced back to The Treaty of Versailles. The treaty stated that Germany had to pay fines from the damages they made in World War I, totaling thirty-three billion dollars. This put Germany, what used to be a superpower, into an economic crisis. Not only did Germany have to pay all of their fines, but they were stripped of part of their empire. Military restrictions also caused unrest in Germany. Between the collapse of the economy, the loss of the colonies and territories, and military restrictions provided the perfect opportunity for someone like Adolf Hitler to rise to power (Chapman, 4). Adolf Hitler overheard the Nazi party talking in 1922 and decided that they had good ideas about the world. Adolf became a member in 1923, and by 1927 he was the leader of the Nazi’s. Before The Great Depression Hitler and the Nazi’s had no support or say in and by the government. Once the Great Depression hit Germany, Adolf Hitler soon rose to power and was voted Man Of the Year by Times Magazine in 1936, and in 1933 Hitler was the second highest leader in Germany. World War I and World War II were

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