Causes Of The Native American Genocide

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What was the native American genocide? The native American genocide occurred in North America, most happened in the United States, but there were still areas in Canada affected by this genocide. This Genocide is sometimes referred to as “The 500-year war”, and is considered to be the biggest and longest lasting genocide in the world. (Native American Genocide 1) The death toll has been recorded from anywhere between 95,000,000 and 114,000,000. Believe it or not, there is still controversy over whether or not this was a genocide, some writers and historians just believe it was a coincidence, but there is more supporting evidence proving this to be in fact, a genocide. To add to the controversy, nobody can exactly pinpoint when the Native American genocide ended, because there are a few separate genocides and events/wars within the whole main one and because the native Americans living in America today are still …show more content…
European Settlers brought over sickness and because the natives did not have as strong of an immune system, nor had they ever been introduced to the diseases the Europeans brought around 50-60 million natives had passed, killing around 70, 80, or 90 percent of the population all within a few years. (Ostler 3) Some historians do not believe in this being an act towards genocide, as the settlers did not intend to bring such deadly diseases to kill the Natives, but others disagree, as they had sent blankets infected with smallpox into various tribes with intent to kill. “... some writers have provided examples of Europeans intentionally inflicting Indians with disease (usually through blankets infected with smallpox) and argued for their typicality.” (Ostler 3) the acts of intentionally infecting Native American tribes show proof for this being an act of

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