Essay on Causes Of The French Revolution

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Causes of the French Revolution The French Revolution was a watershed event which occurred from 1789 to the the late 1790. The events in the years to precide the French Revolution influenced it greatly. In the years which led up to it, the country was inconsistent in many different ways. Politically, France did not have a just king and the absolute monarchy was a problem. There was a huge taxing gap between the estates. Also the estates system was a great failure as it held France back for many years before the revolution. Ideas of Enlightenment and the teaching of intelligent thinkers such as, John Locke and Voltaire, spread like wildfires and fueled the Revolution. The American Revolution took place from 1765 and 1783 before the French. People of Europe, and specifically France saw how the American colonies were developing a fairly functional democratic government and were inspired. The French Revolution was influenced by many ideas including; liberty, equality, and paternity. The American Revolution occurred before the French and the people of France watched and were inspired. Historian Palmer writes, “In the new state 's democratic equality made many advancements” (Palmer 342). In the colonies, democratic equality was making advancements, and that was what France wished to see in their own government. While the American colonies were fighting in their revolution, France was a huge financial supporter. Louis XVI. was a strong supporter of the American War of…

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