Causes of the 1905 Revolution Essay

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The 1905 revolution in Russia began when armed forces set fire on a group of peaceful protestors outside the Tsar's Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. However there were many factors in the build-up to revolution in 1905. Prior to 1905, disturbances in Russia could have been seen as quite rare. Russia was though suffering from a long period of repression and unrest. From the implementation of tsarism in Russia, the regimes had slowly developed into more of an autocratic establishment which implemented it's will onto the people with lesser regard for human life and liberty. Since the 1860's there had been gradual changes in governmental, legal, social and economic policy implemented, however the political system was left unchanged. …show more content…
At the same time Russia was going to war with Japan as a result of rival imperialist ambitions in the area.

Russia went into the war with Japan believing itself to have the upper hand, and initially domestic sentiment in Russia improved. However it soon became clear to the people that the war in Japan was not going as planned. The major defeats on land and at sea shocked the Russian public and furthered their belief that the current government was a weak, repressive, and dwindling regime. Also, the war with Japan was costing the Russian people at home. There were shortages of food and fuel, and as a result inflation shot up and many were left unemployed. At the final defeat of Russia at the hands of Japan, the government was perceived as being incompetent and all confidence had been lost. In a act of final contempt and want for change a group of people marched onto the Tsar's Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to peacefully protest a petition to Tsar Nicholas II.

The protest on the 22nd January 1905 ended up in a massacre of hundreds to possibly thousands of innocent civilians. The group had been warned to not act and troops had been deployed around the Winter Palace and other key points. On the Sunday the striking workers and their families peacefully marched to the

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