Inundation In Hawaii

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Sea Level Rise in Hawaii
When I was ten years old, my family moved here in Hawaii. I remembered that I was so excited to come here in Hawaii, and one of the things that I was going to look forward to was the beautiful beaches. My father loved to fish and he used to go down to the beach early in the morning in Ke’e beach in Hanalei, and he used to tell me stories about fishes he catches with his friends, and how beautiful the beach are from morning till night. All of those stories that my father used to tell me was so fascinating to me as a kid that I couldn 't wait to come here in Hawaii. I am lucky that I live here because the weather is just right and there are a lot of unique places that you can’t find somewhere else. I wanted to know more
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Inundation is when flooding happens, big waves is one of the reason why Inundation occur. It may increase the chance of hurricane storms, and tsunami Inundation. When hurricane storms and tsunami Inundation occur, flooding will occur frequently and it would affect roads and beaches in Hawaii. The most areas that has a higher risk of being affected, are areas that are close in the shore, hotel guests are immediately evacuated because hotels tend to be close to the shore. According to School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) from the article Sea Level Rise: Inundation Risk conclude, “ SLR will significantly increase the impacts of coastal hazards in Hawaii’s urban corridor, the most populated and economically active area in the State of Hawaiʻi. The analysis indicates that 80% of the study area’s economy, nearly half of the population, and much of the infrastructure and land are at risk of inundation.” We should be aware that Inundation happens and we should be ready to take action when it comes to this scenario, areas that are close to the shore or close to the harbor are mostly the 80 percent that have a higher risk of being …show more content…
Erosion impact water coastal quality, ocean acidification, and can cause negative impact to reefs. Erosion is as a result occurring when waves take away more sand than they replenish. The impact of water coastal quality is bad because we don’t want to swim in beach waters that are dirty. This will affect not only the attractiveness of Hawaii beaches it will also affect our tourist attraction because no one wants to see a beach that is dirty. If erosion continues to damage our beaches, there’s a possibility that the ocean will contains acidification. According to Sarah Madaan from eartheclipse she wrote “Oceans require a particular level of pH to maintain the natural biochemistry needed to allow a healthy ecosystem to remain intact for the species living in the water. When oceans absorb high levels of carbon dioxide, the acidity levels raise and the natural order of the ocean becomes compromised. This is what is known as “ocean acidification” or “OA” for short. Calcium carbonate minerals are building blocks for skeletons and shells of marine organisms.” This causes oceans more dangerous for people to swim at because of the high level of carbon dioxide, as erosion continues it would be more problematic to deal with because not only the SLR we would be dealing acidification. Erosion can cause a negative impacts on our reef because the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) due to man-made activities has increased the amount of CO2 concentrations in the

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