Causes of Mistrust in Healthcare Today Essay

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Causes of Mistrust in Healthcare Today
Debra Haynes
American Intercontinental University
Healthcare Resource Allocation and Policy Making (HLTH440 -1601B -01)


Declining trust between patients and providers
Looking at the declining trust that exist in society today can be somewhat dishearten. When an individual has to choose between medical decisions oppose to purchasing food or keeping a roof over their head. It can prove to be a very difficult choice. This can be stated as a contributing factor to the declining trust in the healthcare system. Clearly another cause is the escalation in healthcare cost. In addition to escalation in cost is the complicated multitier payment system that exists in healthcare today.
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Therefore when a surgical procedure goes wrong the ethical value of “Non Maleficence which state do no harm” to the patient, can and will result in a lawsuit. As per the Med mal facts in the past 14 years there has been a 60% increase of medical malpractice suits brought against facility mostly for injury due to surgery procedure gone wrong. Medical malpractice is not the only issue that created law suits and mistrust, compromising of electronic health record is another contributing factor.
Electronic Health Record
“Privacy of medical records has been a great concern” (HealthCare) within many companies. Because “of providers moving to electronic health record and the reality of breaches can occur”(Becker). If procedures are not followed within an organization it can put patient health information at risk. A key factor is disclosure of information first it is a HIPPA violation that carries a hefty find. When information is discloses without a written consent from the patient to other it places the patient and organization in danger and the trust level is destroyed between provider and patient. There are other major factors such as identity theft, unauthorized access, and data loss that can occur when regulations is not followed. Healthcare organization has a moral and ethical obligation to protect their patient health information. Their moral value should be based on

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