Cause Of Human Trafficking

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2. What are the causes of human smuggling and human trafficking? What patterns are there in the movement of various groups of people across the globe? How are these crimes representative of the free market and globalization?

Globalization is believed to have made the world “a smaller place”. Due to development of global economy and transportation many are able to easily travel the world. Nevertheless, the new reality is such, that this freedom to travel the world is the privilege of the people from the Global North. People from the developing world, on the other hand, are still facing huge difficulties going abroad. Economic constrictions, unemployment, persecution, violence in their countries and even boredom have always pushed people to
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Human trafficking is illegal transport of individuals against their will for profit – the buying and selling of individuals as property. Human smuggling is illegal transportation of people across borders for money. (Fichtelberg, 2008, p. 230) The important difference between two, is that people are being smuggled voluntarily and pay the smugglers for the operation, whereas victims of human trafficking are rarely aware of being smuggled at the beginning of the operations. They are lured in by the criminals by the promise of better life, deceptive marriage offers or job prospects. Especially females could also be sold to traffickers by their families (especially in Asia, where daughters are not considered worthy of keeping). Afterwards they are forced into sex slavery, prostitution, domestic labor or other forms of indentured servitude, to repay the traffickers for the …show more content…
From Colombian cocaine cartels to Chinese triads, virtually all major organized criminal gangs are involves in drug trafficking in one form or another. (Fichtelberg, 2008, p. 207) Development of transportation and communication and flow of people across the borders helps drugs to be shipped across the borders just like any other goods. Money laundering has become much easier with the development of technology and global trade. Like everything else in the global economy, global market for illegal drugs is ruled by the basic economic principles of supply and demand. Drugs are demanded by the citizens of wealthier countries and they must be provided by somebody, either at home or abroad. (Fichtelberg, 2008, p. 202) Most illegal drugs are produced outside and brought to the U.S. for a number of reasons. Strong law enforcement and criminal justice system in the U.S. have resources to control and prevent drug production. Other countries might also have weaker penalties for producing drugs creating more hospitable environment for such illicit activity. Also, equipment and labor are much cheaper outside the United States. It is cheaper to produce drugs elsewhere and have them shipped to the U.S. than produce them here. Poverty, wars and social disorder in the drug-producing countries make farmers agree to grow plants that are become base ingredients for cocaine and heroin to make

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