Rainforest Destruction Of Forest

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Forest provides most of the resources including woods or trees that can turn into paper. One of the leading causes of rainforest destruction is logging. Paper manufacturing companies that using wood to create furniture and other wood materials are causing a lot of problems to the nature, Also forest provides habitat for some animals. Research has found that the number of species found in logged rainforest is much lower than the number found in untouched or “primary” rainforest animals that cannot survive in the changed environment (Niel, 2006). There are lots of reason why logging trees should be stop . First woods can also be traded for a lower price. Anyone can cut those trees and sold them and make it a daily routine until no trees were left that is why it must be stopped .Secondly it can cause flashflood, landslide and other destruction. Trees sustain water and soil resources through recycling nutrients. In watershed where forest are degraded or destroyed, minimum flows decrease during the dry season, leading to drought, while peak floods and soil erosion increases during the wet season. Thirdly logging those trees can affect the biodiversity of the animals living in that area. Some animals are very sensitive they often migrate once their environment is changed. This proves that logging is not just affecting the lives of human but also the …show more content…
This means that more trees are felling upon using it. Other ideas may have been used just to lessen the used of papers. In the Philippines, the productivity of paper is not really high or enormous. It is just being transported, if the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rain forest on the earth. This has been proven that a large amount of consumption of trees increases in the past few years. It affects billions of lives causing troubles including flashfloods in particular

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