Causes Of Animal Extinction Essay

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The UAE is blessed with wide variety of beautiful animals. And there is habitat of natural these animals, but the problem is most of the animals are going to be extinct. By establishing better target on preservation in current years, the country UAE is busy to conserve and also breed different species of animals that are endangered and there’s enough being accomplished to try and make sure that animals that are vulnerable, marine animals and birds and marine life aren’t left stranded and on the brink of extinction. To protect the stable sustainability of some of most values inhabitants of UAE, Organisations such as the Emirates Wildlife Society (EMS-WWF), Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Al Ain Zoo are all working greatly.
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One of them is loss of Habitat that is as a result of demand of human; this is mostly considered to be the most crucial reason of extinction of animal extinction. Main habitats of animas are Forests. These Tropical rainforests are emptied for the use of humans like wood or timber, petroleum resources development, resources of minerals, farming for cash-crop estates and subsistence. And also damaging environmental or landscape change by natural phenomena like hurricanes, volcanoes, floods etc) or by process of humans like deforestation construction, use of lands for farming, artificial land drainage etc. This is the only huge danger to the Earth’s biodiversity and the large extinction in the world. When an animal of plant becomes extinct When it does not have a habitat, and when cannot adjust to a distinct environment. So we can say without doubt that the main cause of endangering and extinction of animals is the loss of habitat. Second reason is the pollution. It can happen naturally or by manmade and also can take many styles. Natural pollution events may happen by earthquakes, eruption of volcanoes, floods or from ecosystem’s over-population of some specific species for example red tide or many other processes. Natural pollution events usually cause local extinction occurrence, but rarely are sufficiently large scale to cause complete extinction of serious numbers of plants and animals. In the case of pollution by human, it can take different forms, but commonly happens when disposal of substances which are toxic into areas of biologically diverse are of earth. The third cause of animal extinction is Hunting and smuggling stranger animals and plants that may shows a main or leading aspect in the decrease of certain species, especially those that are native to a small area of geographic, or have a small or slow-regenerating population

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