Underlying Causes Of Schizophrenia Essay

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There are many people in the world who are affected by mental health issues. These issues or disorders can effect their personal lives, family and those around them. Among some of the most widely known and intricate disorders still people do not realize the underlying causes and effects these disorders have. They only see what is on the surface of the disorder shown to the outside world, but like most mental health problems comes underlying issues. One of the most recognized mental health disorder by people are schizophrenia. This disorder effects the brain making individuals feel agitated or withdrawn and it effects their ability to separate reality from fantasy. Throughout history there have been cases of severe to mild schizophrenia, each …show more content…
Many researchers believe biological causes to be predisposed to it, while psychological causes have more to do with if an individual even develops a mental illness at all. As mentioned before there are biological underlyings associated with schizophrenia. However, instead of just focusing on the genes in the family we will focus on the population as a whole. Looking at the genome as one of the true underlying causes of schizophrenia. Seeing as though only 1% of the population is diagnosed with the illness, the genes making up certain points in the genome that researchers link to having a higher risk of developing schizophrenia is very important. Because of research it suggests that links between certain genes make pathways that target specific brain functions. This brings me to my next thought about psychological effects leading to schizophrenia. Traumatizing life events or how well someone reacts to certain situations in their life will definately have a lasting effect on their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It seems like both of these; biological and psycholigical fit together to create an environment for mental illness. Sociocultural causes can be a factor as well in determining who and why an individual can develop schizophrenia. Studies show that family dysfuntion and social labeling effect the individuals schizophrenic symptoms. Social labeling meaning when people conform to societies ideas about a particular set of people. However, not much research has been shown to effectively prove whether or not it has any barring on developing

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