Causes And Effects Of Asthma Essay

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Causes and Effects of Asthma in Children

Asthma is a chronic pulmonary condition affecting the airways and lungs of millions of Americans each year. For individuals with Asthma their airways become swollen, restricted and produce extra secretions ("Asthma," Mayo Clinic). It is true that asthma has lifelong effects on children. Causes of asthma range from cold air reaction, viruses and allergies. Asthma results in restricted breathing, prolonged illness, as well as the effects of medications additionally there is a higher chance of hospitalization in children.
One theory is people with the condition have a higher amount of inflammation within their airways. Asthma is an inflammatory disease that is in response to inflammatory cells within the body. These inflammatory cells are recognized as Mast Cells. Common cells within the body that causes asthma inflammation are T Lymphocytes, Neutrophils, Macrophages and Eosinophil ("About Asthma" Inflammation and Asthma). The effect of different inflammatory cells triggers changes of the immune system, resulting in extra mucus in the lungs and constriction in breathing Another shared belief is genetics plays a role in asthma development. In many cases, asthma strongly runs within families. For example, if the parents have asthma in some cases the child will develop asthma. There are several studies underway looking into the genetic factors in this condition. Currently with the use of genome sequencing there is a total of five…

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