Causes And Effect Of Depression Essays

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Causes and Impact of Depression in The Bell Jar
“The longer I lay there in the clear hot water the purer I felt, and when I stepped out at last and wrapped myself in one of the big, soft white hotel bath towels I felt pure and sweet as a new baby” (Plath 49). The aforementioned “purity” is attributed to transformation, the washing away of the dirt as she descends into a cleaner self. Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar morphs this idea of sanity and purity twisting it to make us all question if a glass bell jar is looming over our heads. The protagonist of the story unveils the demented and deceitful side of society, showing how cruel the world can be. Throughout the novel, we see as she slowly creeps into the darkness of depression and how society played a major contribution to her insanity, as it does to many people in today’s society. Facing the ridicule of others and needing to fit into society’s idea of perfection is a main conflict Esther faces especially when it comes to how society views women. are seen to be lesser than the male, and in present day third world countries, women are oppressed by being forced to conform to the ways of society. These conflicts drive Esther to attempt suicide on numerous occasions. Therefore, it raises the question “Can we make it through anything”? Many say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but the pain faced while working through the suffering is ignored. When people face problems in life, they cope in different ways, and some react…

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